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I was just as guilty as all of them.
But after infection I was left alone, the one whom
the mutation has not yet managed to reverse. Many died,
and some have not been able to defeat the virus, and have become dishonest,
roaming the streets and laboratories.
I was one of the staff of the RSC, but very soon, they
wanted to get rid of me, as they know,to protect it.

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To run the game - unzip file and start  - hard blood.exe file


Hard Blood.zip 42 MB

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Can't wait for the full version. Was fun to play :)

This was fun, I found a few errors which were very funny but I love to see what the next version is like too.

Youtuber:  Fellowplayer

one of best reviews on my game :) thanks you for video, in next update (5 version) im fix zombie animation

Anything to do with Half Life is really appreciated. I enjoyed playing HARD BLOOD



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Thanks for review), wait for updates.


Had to play quite a few times to survive with 1 HP. :) 


Cool video review , :D